Thursday, 29 September 2011

Jim Beam Cake

So I'm perhaps a little slack at posting, that's what most people are like right?

Well... this post is about my third cake. It was a friend's partner's 21st and she asked me to make a cake for him in the shape of a Jim Beam bottle. 

I was quite apprehensive about it at first because the two other cakes were simply me making them because I wanted to experiment with making cakes, no one actually depended on me being successful!

This cake was actually really easy as she ordered the edible image label (I'm from Adelaide so we got it through and ordered a mud cake slab from Woolies. So my job was pretty simple, I just had to make the fondant and cut the cake down to shape. We went with a pretty basic shape, without cutting in too much in case we went wrong. 

I didn't have the right colour tint to colour the fondant brown, so I just sifted in cocoa powder with the icing sugar. The icing tasted like chocolate marshmallows, yum! The only slight problem with using cocoa powder is that you can see the tiny dark granules of cocoa if you look closely but it's not very noticeable at all.

I brushed the cake with water afterwards because it was powdery from all the icing sugar. Here's a picture of the cake after we finished it. This is pre-prettying it up because I did it at night and by this time it was 11:00 and I had to work in the morning so I didn't stick around for the clean-up, lucky me, I got to make the mess and didn't have to clean it up!

The next day was his 21st, so I went and received many compliments on the cake. With some of the cut off's we had made a small square of cake and iced it with fondant to stick the candles in... and when it came time for cake they refused to cut the cake! The square with the candles was cut and handed out but the Jim Beam cake remained untouched all night because no one was game enough to cut it because it was too pretty? I take that as a compliment of course... but what good is having cake if you can't eat it too? (Pardon my pun). I was later informed that within the next few days it had been cut and eaten with enjoyment. So overall, whilst it was a pretty basic cake I think it was a success. :)

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