Thursday, 29 September 2011

Also.... I got a new hair cut

Two posts in one day! I'm a woman on a mission today. 

This was just before I got the chop. (this is my room btw)

I'm on of those people 'blessed' with thick curly/wavy hair. I've been letting it grow and grow and grow, not because I'm one of those people that desire to have super long hair and panic at the sight of scissors... it just kinda happened.

Then I realised it grew TOO long. Now I'm not saying that I'm one of those people that have to keep an eye on where their hair is when they go to the loo... it was never that long but long enough to take too long to style. Not only was it too long to style but too thick and heavy to put 'up'. So I decided to get the chop. BEST THING I EVER DID.

I actually have a hairstyle now, I can brush it without ending out looking like a lion, it doesn't take half a week to dry or straighten.
I took this photo just then, so it's not even salon fresh and shiny and I still love it!

Gotta give the credit: 
If you live in Adelaide and want a decent 'do, this is where I go:

Anyway, just thought I'd share. It excited me, thought it might excite you.

So if you've been finding that you hate your hair right now and keep contemplating  new 'do but keep putting it off, I say go for it! Hair always grows back, you can always get extensions or re-dye it.

I wonder if it's possible to get pink polkadot patterns in your hair.........

just kidding, I hate pink.

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