Sunday, 20 November 2011

Birthday Cake

So, once again it has been a while since my last post...

I've been busy finishing Uni for the year but finally finished on friday with my final exam! So, being that it was my final day of Uni and also the day of my birthday party I made a cake.

It was a nice and simple cake, I used a whole 250g packet of marshmallows and had leftover fondant afterwards - the packet had both pink and white so it was super convenient because I didn't have to colour anything. I find the fondant is easier to work with without colouring in it, when you knead colouring in the fondant gets sticky and so you add more icing sugar but then it gets a bit stiff to work with - so this way meant that the fondant was really pliable.

This cake would be really great for a baby shower or for a christening - it's simple and it would look really cute with a yellow or blue bow. This cake was also my first attempt at a bow, think it turned out okay!

Best part about this cake is that it wasn't too big so it got eaten that night, I hate having half a cake leftover!

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