Monday, 28 November 2011

Paddle Pop Ice Cream Cake!

My youngest sister had her 12th birthday recently and asked if I would make a cake for her.

I got the idea from a Woman's Day magazine, it's pretty simple and looks very effective.

I melted chocolate for the top and smoothed it on with a rubber scraper thing, the magazine recommended piping it but I thought that would be too messy and complicated and a little unnecessary. I used pearl coloured cauchos to follow the swirly line of the chocolate. TIP: if you do something like this make sure you stick the cauchos on straight away as the chocolate hardens pretty quick, I learnt the hard way! For the stick of the ice cream I used copper gel colour to make the stick orange and then put some more colour in but didn't mix it in completely so that when I rolled it out it looked a bit like a wood grain!

This is a bit I cut off the cake, I recommend that if you ever have a small bit of cake leftover ice it and keep it as what I call a 'candle cake'. You can stick a whole bunch of candles in it and it doesn't matter if wax drips on it rather than ruining your masterpiece. 

For this cake Woman's Day recommended using an oval pan to cook it in and then cutting one end off but I didn't have an oval pan so I just used a rectangular pan, used a round pan to get the rounded top. I included a diagram below for how I cut it out - the bits shaded green are what I cut off.

On the left, Stacey's friend Zoe then my beautiful sisters Stacey, Carly and Ellen at the back.

Cake time!!!

Blowing out the candles, possibly getting a bit of help from her friend!

So lovely to see the cake get eaten, people went back for seconds which is always a compliment! I personally can't though or I'd feel sick because it's so sweet
Stacey got a super cute puppy for her birthday and I was lucky enough to be able to sneak a cuddle. Her name's Tilly and she's a Jack Russell x Chihauha - going to be quite the yapper but she is pretty cute!
Also how much do I NOT look like the rest of my family?!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Birthday Cake

So, once again it has been a while since my last post...

I've been busy finishing Uni for the year but finally finished on friday with my final exam! So, being that it was my final day of Uni and also the day of my birthday party I made a cake.

It was a nice and simple cake, I used a whole 250g packet of marshmallows and had leftover fondant afterwards - the packet had both pink and white so it was super convenient because I didn't have to colour anything. I find the fondant is easier to work with without colouring in it, when you knead colouring in the fondant gets sticky and so you add more icing sugar but then it gets a bit stiff to work with - so this way meant that the fondant was really pliable.

This cake would be really great for a baby shower or for a christening - it's simple and it would look really cute with a yellow or blue bow. This cake was also my first attempt at a bow, think it turned out okay!

Best part about this cake is that it wasn't too big so it got eaten that night, I hate having half a cake leftover!