Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Cute Purse Cake

I feel like I don't make a cake in ages... then all of the sudden I make heaps within a few days!

It was my sister Ellen's 15th and stepsister Jorja's 6th birthdays, so of course I made them a cake. I got the idea and instructions from this blog > http://jessicakesblog.blogspot.com.au/, she is fantastic! I made a few minor changes but pretty well followed her instructions to the tee. I used leftover icing I had in the freezer but I only just had enough to cover the cake so I had to roll it pretty thin so it kinda cracked in a few places but hey, adds character?

Anyway, here it is...

Cutting the bottom off

Carving the corners

Sam wanted to help and got a bit carried away

Marshmallow Fondant tastes really good but it cracks so much easier than normal fondant, hence the raggedy edges!

My original handle drying on a vitamin container

All dry, rather than using something to stick them on, I stuck the bow and handle in with toothpicks, less messy!

You may be thinking that the handle looks different... that's because it is. I picked up the original handle and was looking at it and it snapped in the middle. My super helpful boyfriend decided to play Captain Obvious and said, "Oh, you probably shouldn't play with that anymore." Oh really? You think?!

So I glued it with sugar syrup, couldn't even see the crack unless you looked really close and let it dry. Then when I GENTLY tried poking the toothpicks in the cake it broke.... in three different places. Not a chance that that handle was going to work. I rolled out a new piece of fondant and just put it straight on the cake with some toothpicks in each end. As it was soft it drooped a little in the middle but I think it looks even better! I was worried that it would droop even more and become really thin but because it wasn't freshly made icing and was quite thick it stayed like that. So cute! My bow was much bigger than Jessicakes so I put it lower than hers and made a button for the latch instead. I make buttons by getting something round, like a chapstick lid or in this case a gluestick lid, cutting out the fondant then using the blunt end of a skewer to make the holes. 

Don't look at the left corner! I was a bit short on fondant...

I spent the morning doing things other than making the cake... which I shall tell you about later.. so the cake was only just finished straight before we had to go so didn't have time to stick to the board properly. So I sat holding it in this crate for most of the drive then on my lap because I was worried about it sliding. We had to drive so slow but it was okay because it was peak hour and we didn't really have a choice anyway. It did slide a bit but not too badly.

The birthday girls

Lighting the candles...

I wish this photo wasn't so blurry because it's so cutee!!!

No boyfriends for anyone... those candles were well and truly blown out!

Look at all that chocolatey goodness....

"Kirsten.... can I eat the handle?"
"Yea sure!"

When you see someone's face this happy, it makes all those frustrating moments worthwhile!

Now this is what I got carried away with this morning:

It was Valentine's Day and as Sam and I had gone away recently... and we like to think we show our love for each and other every day... we didn't plan anything for Valentine's Day. We woke up, no bread, no milk. Going out for breakky seemed like the best option, I love going out for breakky! We had a voucher for 'Pancakes at the Port' in Port Adelaide. I got the big breakky and Sam got the german breakfast. Needless to say I couldn't finish mine, my eyes are bigger than my stomach so Sam finished it off for me. He ate 5 pancakes, a whole tomato, 3 pieces of bacon, an egg, half my hash brown and a german sausage... plus a coffee. Where it goes nobody knows!

Anyway, after our ridiculously filling breakfast we decided to visit the Maritime Museum because we hadn't been there in years, I love Museums! I'm such a Nanna but I love learning new things. As part of paying entry to the Museum we were told we had free entry to the lighthouse. We thought we'd check it out and so up we went.
View of part of the Port from the Lighthouse

That look on his face was more anxious than happy...

He was gripping the rail real tight when looking down...

Because it was a pretty long way down... I thought it was real funny to jump up and down and make the floor wobble a bit.. he didn't agree with my sense of humour in that particular moment.

Safely back on hard ground!

We came at just the right time, the Endeavour, which was the ship Captain Cook sailed into Adelaide on was coming in to be anchored in Port Adelaide for a week or so. There was a huge turnout (this is the only picture I managed to get without people in it), with a news helicopter and reporters, a cannon shooting display, with the ship and men on the wharf shooting cannons at each other (they actually just went in the water). It was a really nice day and we didn't even plan it! Took up most of the morning though, hence the reason the cake didn't get made till later

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